Monday, February 12, 2007

The Perfect Pour

I know it's only Monday, but a beverage (just one) was in order to take the edge off what turned out to be a pretty rough day. And how.

That said, I've got a buddy who's in constant search of the perfect pour—of Guinness, that is.
The Irish Bank does a pretty fair job; House of Shields not so much (the surly bartenderette is anything but practiced at giving good head, pun intended). And so we decided to try some place new: Johnny Foley's Irish House, a cavernous wood-paneled pub on O'Farrell.

Well, you can see for yourself: Johnny got it just right. And judging by the silly grin spreading across her face, my friend thought so, too. She marked her pint with a "C," telling me a lot of Irish pubs stamp their pours with shamrocks. Good to the last drop.

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