Saturday, October 27, 2007

Patxi's Deep Dish

My good friend PH said she liked my blog, but where were my disses—not dishes, she said, but disses. I want to know what to avoid my friend!

Trust me when I say I've had my fair share of not-so-tasty, forgettable and just plain nasty meals. The thing is, they don't usually make it to my blog because this here blog is about celebrating food, really good food. Plus, I'm not usually inspired to whip out my camera to snap away at dismally prepared dishes ...

However, with all that said, if it's a diss you want, it's a diss you'll have, albeit small in this case. Patxi's deep dish doesn't hold a candle to Little Star's rendition. The cheese, the sauce and especially the crust ... they're just not as good. Sure, they'll do when you're looking for a decent Chicago-style pizza, but if you want something grand, something that will make you clap your hands like a silly kid who's just been told she's getting the shiny red bike she's always wanted ... well then, it's always and ever gotta be Little Star.

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