Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rack 'Em Up

After losing our way not once but twice on our drive back from Kilauea Volcano, we were tired and cranky and jonesing for some food on the double. So, we decided the best solution was to check out the steakhouse a stone's throw from our hotel. Both my dad and sister opted for the baby-back ribs not realizing the entire rack was what they'd be getting. The picture doesn't do the ribs justice, but I think ma soeur's look of fright does. She managed to do a fair job of it, working her way through two-thirds of the meaty main. The ribs were pretty damn delicious: falling off the bone, well-seasoned and saucy. I was happy to take one rib off her hands (my dish isn't even worth mentioning. blah!). Made me think I still need to check out Memphis Minnie's one of these days. I hear good things ...

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