Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Tropical Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year was held a day late and in a tropical setting: Hawaii, where my sister lives. Despite being super jet-lagged (I flew in that morning from Korea), I managed to make a few hearty sides with an assist from ma soeur, while my mom took on the bird.

The 2007 menu included:

- 19-pound turkey a la mom (moister than it's been in years)
- green bean casserole a la Cook's Illustrated
- mashed sweet potato casserole a la Epicurious
- pistachio-apricot-mint bread dressing a la Bon Appetit
- cranberry sauce a la Ocean Spray (no, not from a can)
- sweet potato pie with whipped cream a la Martha Stewart
- apple pie from a local bakery

This is my fave holiday and one of the few times I look forward to having leftovers. And we had lots of 'em.

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