Sunday, March 25, 2007

The votes are in

Chez Maman wins.
Here's how it all broke down at tonight's Franco-feast:

Grilled salmon with fennel confit, eggplant caviar and tapenade:
2 ooh-la-las

Ricotta ravioli with roquefort, pine nuts and basil:

3 ooh-la-las

Grilled rack of lamb with ratatouille and French fries:

4 ooh-la-las

Grilled pork chop with apple cider mustard sauce and Brussels sprouts:

6 ... dare I say, 7 ooh-la-las (and there were only 4 of us).

Guess who had the oinker? ME. Ha. I win! But that said, we were all pretty well sated by the end of the meal ... sharing a bottle of Bordeaux certainly helped, but kudos to the kitchen for a job well done. And the icing on the cake? A specially "signed" (albeit misspelled?) berry and creme fraiche crepe. Vive la France!

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