Tuesday, June 12, 2007

H is his name ...

Vodka's his game. OK, pretty hokey, but on this night, it was true. H, who owns Elixir in the Mission, was muddling up a storm for a special night during SF's cocktail week in which Square One vodka (which is certified organic—how's that for uber-crunchy and Californian?) was on the menu. What you see here is the Country Time, a delicious vodka lemonade blended with muddled blueberries and hand-crushed thyme.

We helped ourselves to one of these refreshing beverages in the shadowy library at the back of speakeasy Bourbon & Branch. I was glad to be able to check out the Tenderloin bar without having to go through the rigamarole of calling the unlisted number to make reservations and secure the password to get in the front door. Because we were guests at this special happy hour hosted by Tales of the Cocktail, we waltzed right through the door. I guess I'd go back again to see what it's like sans privileges, but it'll take some prodding to make it happen.

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