Friday, June 8, 2007

Post-Drinking Pig Out

No. 718 Pan Fried Bean Curd (of the silken variety) with Soy Sauce was the best dish in the house at Congee Village in the LES. At least it was when I went with a posse of friends, all sporting big appetites after a long(ish) night of drinking. After walking by Barrio Chino and then Little Giant and noting the crowds waiting to get seated at both venues, I scoured my memory for a spot that could take 9 hungry folk without any restaurant pull or reservations. Cantonese hot spot Congee Village, of course. And we were in luck: As soon as we walked in, we were ushered to a huge round table, one of two on a dais, complete with lazy susan and the requisite bottles of chili oil, Chinese mustard and soy sauce. We plowed through a passel of MSG-laden (read: flavorful) and filling dishes including shrimp and vermicelli noodles, beef with veg, 2 kinds of congee (savory porridge, one with seafood, the other with abalone and chicken), another tofu dish, General Tso's chicken ... The damage? A whopping 13 bucks each. Good times.

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