Saturday, June 23, 2007

Peanut Butter Surprise

Went to a catered company party a little while back and was happy to find that the food spread was really good. Highlights included a salmon mouse, veggie tapenade and smoked salmon. But the pièce de résistance was the dessert. Out came these little cakes. I couldn't quite tell what they were by the look of them. Truth be told, they weren't terribly pretty and even looked kinda dry. Could they be molasses-gingerbread cakes, I wondered. Well, what the heck. After loading up on all the savory food, I was ready for something sweet. So I grabbed me one of the little critters and took a big bite. Mmmm, turned out they were chocolate. And pretty tasty too. I took another bite, and what to my wondering eyes (and tastebuds) did I find, but a most wonderful center chock full of creamy peanut butter. The cake surrounding the PB had remained super moist, mimicking the texture of a molten cake except in this case at room temp.

Yummmmmm. I polished off that little cake in less than 90 seconds flat. And I raved about it for a good hour after. Thank you, Chive Catering. It was most certainly a great ending to the night.

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