Saturday, June 2, 2007

A Taste of Heaven

You better believe I made a beeline to Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery on my first full day back in the Big Apple since my move to the left coast 8 months ago. My three girlfriends, whom I'd just broken bread with at Barrio Chino (more on that later), escorted me to the homey little LES storefront—think yellow flowered wallpaper and brightly colored vintage sofas and chairs—so that I could satisfy my (sugar) sweet (sunshine) tooth. The Bob, red velvet, lemon, pumpkin, ooey gooey and coconut ... I've pretty much sampled all of the cupcakes as well as a few different (and enormous, I might add) slices of cake. But I'm a sucker for the Sunshine cupcake: a super moist and springy yellow cake with just the right amount of pastel-colored vanilla buttercream frosting on top. In a word: heaven.

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