Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Ellison and then some

I stick to what I said in my entry titled "The Flash": The Blue Owl is still one of my fave specialty cocktail bars in Manhattan. On my trip back, I was thrilled to see that the $5 happy hour special was in full swing so I helped myself to the muddled strawberry caipirinha, then chased that with the Ellison, a Hendrick's cucumber and rose petal-infused gin martini, with mint, more cukes, lime juice and a splash of bitters; it's the best antidote to the work blues and the sweltering summer heat (yes, it was damn hot during my trip to the City). What I also love about the Blue Owl is that you can get some great nibbles, if you're so inclined (which I always am): cheese, all sorts of olives and salumi. I spent a happy couple of hours in the low-key lounge before retreating downtown for more drinks and eats. Now THIS is living.

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