Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Argentina By Way of Brooklyn

I don't know how else I'd rather spend a lazy summer's day than to sit by the windows of a deliciously well-executed Argentinean resto, Carniceria, with one of your BFFs, the breeze wafting in and around you and the Fania All Stars crooning about love and life in the background. I had what was likely the best caffe latte ever (brought to me as a cup of steaming espresso, which I then poured over a glass of ice and chased with a cup o' milk) and then followed up with a wonderfully spicy and salsified Spanish rendition of (rice) steak 'n eggs.
I heart brunch. Just had a delightful late-morning meal at Bar Tartine last week (more on that later). I'd forgotten about my trip to Carniceria, until I stumbled across these pics. I'm glad I found 'em cuz it was a trip to remember.

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