Saturday, August 4, 2007

Carb Lover

My folks' dog is a true Korean (yes, he really is: a Jindo to be exact), but also because he loves the carbs ... pasta, rice, bread, you name it. He gobbles it up. What's he eating here, you wonder? Hunks of bread. Yep, that's right. My mom, who dotes on him, gives him all manner of carbohydrates (something we Koreans can't live without). He tips the scales at 60 pounds. A husky dog, for sure. For the longest time, I thought my mom was doing our dog a disservice, feeding him this stuff on top of his usual dog food. But on his last visit to the doctor, he was given a clean bill of heatlh. The vet even went so far as to say that his heart beats like that of a one-year-old. Pretty damn good considering he's 9 years old now ... so, i guess that proves it: a high-carb diet isn't so bad and may in fact do a body good. All the more reason for me to keep on shoveling up the carbs ... Atkins dieters, eat your heart out.

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