Monday, August 6, 2007

The Munchies for Mochi

Knowing how much my folks like mochi, those Japanese rice ball desserts typically stuffed with red bean, my sister bought them a box of 10 and handed over the sweet booty as soon as she landed in AZ. Forty-five minutes later, they arrived home, and this is what was left. Dang. Based on what I've read of Two Ladies Kitchen, where my Oahu-dwelling sis got the goods (she had just run Hawaii's Volcano marathon), the mochi are made fresh daily and are also stuffed with white chocolate, peach, passionfruit, peanut butter, and even whole fresh strawberries.

Definitely out of the ordinary. Get a load of the blue tint to the one on the left. Certainly, nothing I've ever seen in a mochi before. And I didn't see it for long either. Mom and dad demolished the final two right after I snapped a picture. Guess we've got something to look forward to when we visit the Big Island in November ...

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