Thursday, August 23, 2007

Chinese or Japanese?

Thai, actually. My ma and pa are in town for an extended visit, and ma had a hankering for some good Chinese food. Unfortunately, there is no good Chinese in my neck of the woods, but I offered up Osha Thai, which had recently opened a new resto in the 'hood. The folks were willing, so we strolled on over and got seated within a few minutes of our arrival. Despite the din and roar that assailed our ears (high-pitched titters, the clatter of silverware, they all reverb off the walls and come back at you), we managed to enjoy our dinner. What you see here is the pineapple fried rice, my go-to dish (at the downtown Osha) when I've been out enjoying some lovely beverages at nearby Rye.

For dinner with the folks, I hit a home run with the:
- pad see ew comprising stir-fried rice noodles, egg, garlic, broccoli, black bean sauce and pork
- spicy sweet basil leaf with ground beef, fresh chili, garlic and bell pepper
- seafood curry made with fresh green chili paste, coconut milk, apple eggplants, bell peppers, basil and bamboo.

Ma, who's always had the idea that Thai food isn't very good, has now revised her opinion. She LOVED all of the dishes, so much so that she told me I did good with what I'd ordered (she's very sparing with her compliments, almost grinchlike some would say). That said, Osha Thai has taken Marnee Thai out of pole position. Dad, who went to town on the spicy dishes in particular, no doubt agrees.

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