Monday, August 27, 2007

Bar Tartine: Before and After

Dessert the night before: Bar Tartine's tarte tatin piled high with juicy in-season apricots, zig-zags of a sweet-tart blackberry reduction and a dollop of airy whipped cream.

Brunch the day after: Bar Tartine's whole wheat savory crepes packed with fluffy scrambled eggs, a sprinkling of sausage, sweet corn and other veg, generously drizzled with a pleasingly tangy and sweet cherry tomato jam, and accompanied with a pile of perfectly crisped and sunshiney flat fries. (Plus a few cups of Blue Bottle coffee.)

Mission: to go to Bar Tartine often and work my way down, up, sideways and backwards across the tantalizing menu. At least until people catch on and the place gets packed during the brunching hour.

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