Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dim Sum Delights

Ma mere bought me a pork bun for the whopping price of 50 cents. And as I wolfed it down today, I thought of my last visit to Wing Lee Bakery in the Inner Richmond. My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach. Between CL and me, we noshed on a variety of dim sum delights: shrimp dumplings, red bean sesame balls, egg rolls, pork buns and more. And despite the fact that I ordered food for four, I think the bill came up to less than $8. How's that for some good, cheap eats?
Nothing, of course, compares to the caliber of Harbor Village, long dead and gone, and a touch more expensive than your average dim sum eatery—my friend would happily gnaw on a chicken claw while I would slurp down the delicately made rice noodle rolls and other more "mundane" steamed dishes off the trolley cart. City View Restaurant in Chinatown does a pretty swell job of filling the void, however. I like it a bit better than old standby Yank Sing though it's probably safe to say that Ton Kiang can and does hold its own to City View.

But if all I'm looking for is to scratch my dim sum itch for very little money, then I'll hit Wing Lee or any of the other handful of no-frills bakeries in the Inner Richmond with a tenner in my back pocket and a growl in my stomach.

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